Inversion Table Therapy My Story, What It Is and Is It Right For You

2A1727B500000578-3143521-image-a-5_1435649949639My Story

Wow, my story on inversion table therapy – or should it be more like, my story on back problems?

Anyway, at a very young age, around 10 or so, I developed scoliosis. It was the result of my growth being stunted from many radiation treatments. (I had cancer 4 times.) As time went by and the rest of my body grew, the curve in my spine got a bit worse.

When I was 19 or so, I started massage therapy, chiropractic therapy and physical therapy to help ease the pain and tightness that came along with scoliosis. It worked for a while, but it wasn’t easy on a 19 year old’s bank account.

Even with the pain, tightness, etc., I was still able to work out, do martial arts and live a pretty normal life – but in 2001 things were made worse when I was hit head on by a drunk driver. (It was the guy’s fourth drunk driving accident if you can believe that!)

As you can imagine, a combination of the wreck and the radiation led to more back problems – and this led to more massage therapy, more physical therapy and more chiropractic therapy – and this was not cheap.

Because of the money I was spending, and of course my back problems, I had to look for alternate treatment options – and that is when I discovered inversion table therapy.

What Does Inversion Therapy Do Exactly?

Inversion therapy simply uses gravity. So it’s not like you are taking some medication you will get addicted to or something that may have side effects. However, I will say the benefits of inversion therapy can be addictive.

Inversion therapy works very simply. You get on to the inversion table in the upright position and you lock in your feet. Next, you slowly incline backwards. For new users it is highly recommended that you do not fully invert (go upside down). Also, if you are inverting for the first time, you just want to stay in the inverted position for no longer than 3 minutes.

While inverted, you will notice that your back stretches out. This is the part that is most beneficial for me personally. It makes me feel like I am growing 3 inches taller too.

Being inverted allows your spine to decompress. Which is great for inflammation. This is because decompression of the spine causes fluid that builds up around the spine to be released.

Is Inversion Right for Everyone?

Simply having a back problem does not qualify you for inversion table therapy. In some cases, inverting may actually make a back problem worse. You’ll want to discuss with your doctor if this is a viable treatment option for your specific back issue(s).

Elvis writes for several different blogs on health issues and alternate treatment methods including inversion table therapy. Be sure to check out his other blogs.